Climate Crisis

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Most people pretend the climate crisis isn't real. Rich big ass companies pay their ass licking workers to spread lies, because they know a lot is at stake (read: money and power) when the animal agriculture and oil- and mine companies seize to exist. Thanks to them, our future doesn't look so bright 5-10 years from now. Many scientists have confirmed that because of multiple factors, the planet is going to be less habitable.

Due to the ice melting on the Arctic (it will most likely have completely melted in 2023), not only the sea level is going to rise, but gases will be released from plants and animals that roamed the planet tens of thousands of years ago. It's going by the name of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the more sophisticated stuff called methane. The farts of mammals (of which exist about 70 billion too many EVERY year thanks to the animal agriculture) and especially cows with their many stomachs, contain a lot of methane so that's adding up nicely. Methane is a 25 times stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. Both gases prevent the sun from leaving the surface of our planet, which would normally bounce off and return into space. Of every 1 million particles (oxygen etc) that are in the sky, 411 of them are CO2 and as soon as that number hits 1200, a specific kind of cloud that would normally stop sunlight, will not be able to exist anymore. This means it would become 8-10 degrees Celsius warmer..

As soon as the planet becomes 2 degrees Celsius warmer (it's already 1,5 degrees warmer and scientists expect it's going to be 10 degrees warmer in 2026, since pre industrial revolution), a metaphorical unstoppable ball is gonna roll, setting things into motion that's gonna cause the planet to heat up even faster. If all (light!) ice is gone and has turned into (dark!) water (which would previously reflect 90 percent of the heat) the warmth is now being absorbed by the oceans. This causes for the temperature differences between the Arctic and equator to become smaller, which then causes the ocean currents to be less strong. Next, everything cools off much slower, because the high- and low pressure areas are not where they used to be.

The oceans have become 2-3 degrees warmer in many places than it used to be in the last 30 years. To the people living at the seaside: the sea level will rise. Even 1 meter/3 foot is enough to forcing people to leaving their homes. Five meters or higher? Disastrous for countless of humans and other animals. London is going to be affected. Australia's Islands are already disappearing and many more places are going to be badly affected by it. The sea level is already rising, but since the fact that water weighs more than ice, the bottom of the oceans are sinking, which makes it difficult to see that the oceans are in fact becoming deeper.

The effects of Global Warming on the sea level

Forest fires reduce trees, so much less CO2 is being absorbed, since that's what trees would normally do: absorb CO2 and turn it into our oxygen. The fire itself releases a lot of CO2 into the air as well, which is being released from the burning trees who had it stored into them. If 1 trillion trees are planted, a staggering 66 percent of all CO2 will be extracted from the sky. There's enough space for all those trees, especially if people stop growing food to feed 70 billion cows, pigs, chickens and turkey's that shouldn't even exist.

In 2014, the ice on Antarctica was at its most since 1979, however, since then it's been plummeting and it's now at its lowest since that very same year. Until 2017, Antarctica had been losing as much ice as the size of country Mexico. It's lost more ice in 4 years than the Arctic has in 34 years.

Researche has shown that India (over 1 billion citizens) is going to be one of the very first countries that's gonna be less inhabitable. Because of that, refugees will start fleeing to western countries, which will then cause wars because of food, water and oil shortages.

Climate change has always existed. It's continually changing and it's even been much warmer on our planet (and much colder), but this didn't occur in such a short period of time. When it had occurred at normal speed, animals would have had enough time to adapt, however, this time the global warming is going 10.000 times faster. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs would roam on both arctics, as they'd had enough time to adapt to living in darkness every long winter.

Then what can I do, I'm hearing you thinking. Well, everything begins at the very beginning and every person is going to inspire someone else to do the very same. A few simple changes: Stop flying Stop spending your holidays on a cruise ship: those 200 cruise ships are responsible for more emissions than all cars in Europe combined! Buy your food locally Start using green energy. Energy that's been generated by either the sun or wind. Shower less often. Your body is gonna adapt to this. Your body will become much cleaner, pinky promise. Stop contributing to the fast fashion. Wash your clothes less so that they can exist for much longer. Buy organic and preferably secondhand. Turn down the heater. Wear a jumper. The single biggest, most important thing you can do it replace all animal products you would normally eat with a plantbased version. No demand, no supply.

Going vegan very easy for you if you look at it through the eyes of the victims, in this case the animals. All animals go to the slaughterhouse to be industrially murdered. Bull calves go there pretty much immediately so that us humans can have their breast milk as soon as possible and cow calves after about 5-6 years (the lifespan of bovines is 20 years in the wild) after their own milk supply has dropped. Mother cows miss their babies and keep calling for them for days. Cows carry their babies just as long as us humans do and not too long after she's had her baby, she will be artificially inseminated (*cough* raped *cough*) again to keep the milk production ongoing.

There will never be a surplus of cattle, the animals will simply slowly go extinct, since they are bred by us humans, only to exist for our pleasure and entertainment. The diet of humans back in the days only consisted of fruits, plants, nuts and seeds, but in the ice age our food became scarce, so we had to start eating other animals. Thankfully this isn't the case today since there's a supermarket with colourful food on every street corner. Humans who DON'T have enough food, can blame our westerners for feeding our cattle rather than them.

You decide for an animal with the same needs and desires as we do, that they have to die. You can't love and respect an animal who's life and death is being controlled by you or your money. So it's impossible when farmers claim they love their animals. Do I love dogs if I were to rape and murder them? If I were to lock them up in very small rooms, when they're innocent as fuck..?!

You're right, growing soy is bad for nature and the environment. That's why you have to stop eating animals, since you eat waaay more plants if you feed this to an animal first, after which you then eat them. I believe for every kg of beef, 25kg of plants are needed and thousands of liters of water. Non vegans use 14-18 times more land than vegans. Secondly, vegans eat local, sustainable soy only. Cattle, however, are being fed soy that's grown and shipped from the Amazon rainforest. The animal agriculture is responsible of 90 percent of its deforestation.

The production of one burger requires as much water as showering for two months!

Animal agriculture is responsible for over 20 percent of emissions (recent study has shown this is A LOT more, over 60 percent at least) and within the context of food it's at least 80 percent. This means the emissions are way more than all transport combined! Let's not forget the trees that are being felled in order to make room to grow food for our livestock. So this is over 80 percent of ALL deforestations. Those dead trees can't absorb CO2 anymore and next, those felled trees have to be transported with big ass trucks which means even more emissions.

The reason why so many humans have little to no food, is because 80 percent of all agricultural land is being used to feed over 70 billion land animals and a few trillion fish. Almost every one of these humans who haven't enough food, live in countries where the food for our livestock is being grown. If we were all start to eating plantbased only, the famine could be reversed FOURTEEN times, since, well, obviously 8 billion humans eat much less than all these billions of mostly larger animals!

Ocean dead zones are existing in quite a few places in our oceans already and that number is rising. This is happening, because of excessive fertilization. Farmers are obliged to have a piece of grassland where they dump the livestock's poo on. This farm manure enters the ditches and in the end reaches the oceans. Poo containing antibiotics and artificial fertilization is being used to grow plants. It contains a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen and these excess nutritions pollute healthy ocean environments by increasing the growth of the wrong kinds of algae.

80 percent of ALL antibiotics is being used for our livestock.

As soon as baby chicks leave their eggs, they're being taken away from their mothers, much the same as what happens to bovine animals. Hen's await the same future as their mothers which is becoming an egg machine to unnecessarily feed humans with it. Roosters are being industrially murdered immediately, as they're useless to both the egg and poultry industry (somehow their meat tastes less good?!). This happens by either throwing them into a blender or by suffocating them in large plastic bags. In the wild, chickens lay only 12-15 eggs annually, but humans have bred them into laying an egg almost every single day. This takes a lot of energy, so when you would adopt a chicken, please give them something that prevents them from ever laying an egg again. If you insist on eating their ovulations, please give them an egg back occasionally (broken on a plate or so), so that they get their nutritions back for their stolen energy.

In order to steal the food of bee's for our own consumption, the wings of the queen bee are cut off, so that she can't flee. After a year, she's being replaced by a new queen. The queen is being artificially inseminated (*cough* raped, the same as with other animals that humans use *cough*) and in order to steal the sperm of the male bee, they have to literally crush the bee's back which then kills him. Honey is the food for bee's during winter time. Humans steal this and give the bee's sugar water in return: it contains far too little nutrients and that's why the bee's start working their asses off for honey, for us... The amount of honey a bee produces in their entire life is only one twelfth of a teaspoon. Can you imagine how many bee's are needed to fill up only one jar? If you find bee's only insignificant inspects, you need to remember that bee's are the reason that our food grows. They pollinate our fruit and vegetables. As well as with all living organisms, plants have males and females. If the pollen of a male apple tree doesn't reach a female one,  you will only get blossom in spring but no apples in summer. Bee's are on the edge of extinction thanks to the poison that's being used on crops against illnesses and weeds. That's why it's very important to buy organic food only!

Sheep are being handled very harshly, whilst obtaining their wool. They're being shaved as close as possible to their skin what often leads to bleeding. They're being dragged and thrown. Yes, they need to be shaved, but only because us humans bred them into having so much wool.

Using animals isn't a personal choice when there are victims involved. Nothing of this has got to do with opinions. Sadly, everything I've written here are facts. Everyone can change their lifestyle: whether you're young or old, black it white etc. The lady pictured here decided to change her lifestyle when she was 95 years old. She became a vegan. She's 99 years old now. Her words: "it's never too late to change and it's never too late to do something good."