Two vegan Dutchies with so-called Asperger’s/HSP, ADD, OCD (severe germaphobia) and migraine (me). Misanthropists, noncomformists, minimalists, sustainablists, confronters, freethinkers and speakers of our mind. Yup, we’re THAT similar.

Some facts about us ya’ll have been eagerly waiting for:

We got to know each other through a dating app over 8 years ago. We both had answered about 3000 questions and 96 percent of them were corresponding. Ninety fucking six percent!

My mom’s ex husband who put me into this world, has hung himself. Thankfully. Although I wished I could one day confront him maybe and perhaps even hang him myself 😈…

In summer we pretty much only drink water and in winter tea.

I love looking at -no it’s more like observing- people whilst they’re having their shuteye. I’d even bring my camera to school back in the days when there was a chance someone would hit the hay in class.

We don’t shower anymore. No, don’t look away, you will most likely never meet me irl so you do you and let us be us, I won’t ever bother you with our imagined stanch.

We have a deep-rooted hate towards the rozzers. We all know by now the rozzers are the shoe licking insignificant little workmen of the higher class, the people who so-called rule this country. They’re being indoctrinated that people -like ourselves- who don’t work, have no worth. So everytime there was this incident where we would be involved, the rozzers would automatically blame us, the weirdo’s. Fun thing is that I used to be obsessed by the rozzers, I wanted to become a detective myself and had this little map where I collected a lot of rozzer-related stuff.

We don’t understand marriage. Sure, back in the days they made more sense when you weren’t allowed to touch each other before marriage and when the man would be more important than us women etc, but these days…? Especially if you don’t want kids, what’s the point? And why do women get so excited about their wedding…? It’s a waste of money, surely it’s better to spend that large amount on things that truly matter, like buying your dreamhouse or go on a vacation of some sort…?

We’re introverts and highly sensitive (especially me). This means we’re overstimulated very easily and my migraine isn’t helping either. For me it’s worse, my senses seem to be working much better than most, so I can’t stand people their smell and that’s why I sometimes can’t even be in mum’s garden when the neighbors have their window open and that’s a reason why we can’t go to places anymore: due to covid everyone’s out in nature with their perfumes, laundry soap smells and their overall bodily smells, so people who would normally not enjoy spending time in nature can now own everything and because of THEIR lifestyle there’s hardly any nature left anyway!

We both became vegans about 9-10 years ago, before we even knew about each other’s existance.

We’re looking for depth and meaning in life. Shallowness equals boring.

We say hi to every animal that we meet and would cuddle them if we had the chance.

We’ve both been creative as children: I would fiddle, draw, clay, write and take pictures and he would try and discover and explore his father’s computer.

I’ve never wanted to be someone’s employee. If I were to have a job, I’d be an entrepeneur of some sort, rather than be someone’s underpaid bitch. Freedom is EVERYTHING.

I’m allergic to authority, smalltalk and rules. Oh and literally addicted to this nasal spray, because breathing through our noses is ESSENTIAL, something most people don’t do, somehow. This addiction, however, has become very badly because of all the sigaret smoke and motorway smoke that’s constantly surrounding us.
Talking about that, we don’t breathe around other people when we would still go outside. Don’t want them IN me.

We feed 25 pigeons waiting nearby mum’s house every single day.