Piece of land where you can put up your tent or whatever accomodation you bring. Somw WiFi. Maybe some sort of toilet That’s it.
You’ll not only get:
Confronting thoughts. Maybe even a bit of cognitive dissonance. Perhaps a little grieve for realizing you lived your past life with your eyes closed, your heart shut and your brain pre-programmed.
But also:
Peace. Silence. Acceptance. Happiness. A future you’ll love.


We want to do this for ourselves in the first place, because this is exactly what we needed. We want to offer that what none could or wanted to give us, because we know too well what it’s like to need help but not getting any. And we’ve noticed throughout the years that there’s only very few people who understand, because almost everyone chooses to live a life where money is certain, but happiness isnt. We ourselves chose happiness over money long ago. In fact, we can’t remember we ever wanted to be wealthy. And I’m very sure that there are more people like us, especially in this society where you literally have to earn your living; the more money you make, the more you are worth to others and the more opporunities and possibilities you have to have a good life.
But…. does a good life equal a happy life? Working your butt off to make just enough to stay alive and keep dependant on working? Having a few weeks off every year so that you can recharge yourself only to get back to being exploited again for the rest of the year and the many years to come? Throwing in some annual public hollidays so that you have something to look forward to and keep on going? And in the meantime all these advertisements tell you to buy stuff you don’t need so that you want to make even more money? Think about it. What do you value the most: stuff OR making good memories and leaving good memories to those you leave behind when your time has come? Having a job shouldn’t be as important as they make you believe. I’m so glad that they think I have autism which gave me a green card to not having to work – ever, but still have a small income. Most people wouldn’t like to be in this position and would literally feel disabled and thus limited, because society makes you believe having a job is one’s biggest achievement in life. But me, I have never felt this. I felt it as a blessing. I was never able to buy things I don’t need and not having them doesn’t make me unhappy. At all.

The problem isn’t that you need more and more MONEY in this society, it’s that you believe their advertisements. Their marketing, that you need more and more STUFF to become happy. When in fact, it’s the opposite: happiness comes from within. You need only very little to achieve this state of mind.
So how about you stop using what isn’t improving your life and happiness? Stop spending money on e.g. Netflix: their entertainment is there, just like with public holidays, to take your mind and common sense away. To distract you. Stop spending money on cosmetics – the govt likes to make you insecure so that you think you need their products. Stop buying the newest phone, the biggest car and the most expensive clothes. A cheap refurbished phone serves you well, a secondhand older car takes your to places just as much as a new one does and pre-loved cheap clothes keep you warm just the same as espensive clothes.

So, are you just like us or perhaps you want to find out for yourself that not living in luxury, but surrounded by nature and peace and quiet will definitely confront you, but for the better? Then we have exactly that what you need. Spoiler: It’s not much. But you most likely already guessed that. Sadly, somehow not wanting much in this society is MUCH harder than wanting a lot. They want to make money from your existance. But you’re worth so much more than being a pion in their stupid games. You could be KING and rule your own world and become independant and HAPPY.


One or two adults who need a break from their old lives. Those who need to be reconnected to nature – after all, we ARE nature.
Those who respect that we are not doing this to be social with you. You’re here on your own. We will keep our distance and we expect you to keep your distance as well. If you need anything or just want to talk, you can contact us only though either text/Signal/Telegram or e-mail.


Undecided. Somewhere in nature, in Europe. We’re thinking of either Germany or somehwere in Scandinavia.



Whenever you’re ready or feel like you need a break.


How much?

It can be as cheap or expensive as you wish. We will accept donations so that we can pay for your transport if you cant afford it yourself. After all, life should be free and we are all entitled to happiness.