• The word is out. I built this website to not only express myself and share our situation, but also to connect and build a community. I know a handful of people whom I’ve grown to care for throughout the years. And when I care, I care A LOT. So much, that I decided that I want to make a change.

    I’ve been wondering why I always thought asking for help is a normal thing to do, because it has been showing that most consider it sort of awkward. My theory is that I’ve always been okay with helping others out as well and I somehow believed this to be the case for everyone.

    Life’s taught me that you need others to accomplish your goals and dreams. We all have something special that we can give to others, whatever that may be, that can help others grow and they in their turn can give something back to you or someone else, sooner or later. Or not. Sometimes giving back may take some time, since you can’t poor from an empty cup. Which is all good.
    In nature, everything is helping something else. Trees give us oxygen, we give them CO2. Fungi work together to feed trees as well and the trees have something for fungi to thrive. And this goes for the animal kingdom as well, where we humans SHOULD be a part of. Our ancestors and our modern day primate cousins are responsible for most of the trees: living in groups looking for food and traveling quite a distance every day, we managed to literally spread seeds and grow entire forests throughout many centuries. However, and I’m not sure when, once upon a time humans started taking more than they were giving. It’s only in the last couple of centuries where that global impact is almost irreversible, as our species is expanding very quickly: we all live to become 80 years old on average, so we use a lot of resources until the very day we die. And what have we got to give back to nature when there’s hardly any nature left…?
    That’s where the community comes that I want to create. The people I was fortunate enough to getting to know, is a group of people who are also working on changing the world in one way or another. I wonder what we can achieve by combining our strengths and skills…
    Will you be a part of it? Please head over to “community” and join!

    If you think back of your life, you’ll be surprised how many people played a part of your personal growth.
    I’d like to thank the following people who played a part in my life. A few of you give me food for thought, others shared their knowledge, a few simply care and are there at any time and some were able to help us financially (god I HATE that word..! In my perfect world money wouldn’t exist!)












    Florine en Thijs