It must be love

After he’d finished giving me kisses on my face, I grinned. He didn’t notice.

We just laid there.

It’s one of those moments we have every day, where no one needs and expects anything. It’s unlike cuddling at bedtime, since we want to have a chance on getting a good amount of rest and it’s unlike cuddling in the morning, where you’re expected to be active and productive, ready for the day, living and doing specific things on the very same times.

But not now.

We’d had dinner in bed (as usual) and he’d worked a bit on his computer. We pretty much live in a not so big bed (technically a mattress only), so it wasn’t much of an effort to simply lay down close to one another. I thought of how he decides to be with me, even now that we’re very close to each other literally every second of the day. We’ve always been together every minute of the day, but now it’s, well, our mattress is pretty much our house where we spend 90 percent of our time.

A blue dot. Between many more similar dots in clusters of many planetary systems in multiple universums. Yet 8 billion humans on this tiny blue planet sounds like a ridiculous amount. And he chose me.

Insignificant to 99,9999 percent of all and everyone there is.

100 percent significant to him.

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