A day into our lives

We got up a tiny bit later (4:30) than usual (4:20), which immediately made me a bit stressed about perhaps not making it back at mum’s house in time after we would have walked Fannar. Mother gets up at 8:30 latest in the weekend, so we would have to be back at her house at about 7:55. This meant that we had to walk even faster than normally.
Noticing that it was colder outside than expected, I got a bit anxious for getting a migraine attack from the huge difference between “laying quietly in a warm bed” and “running extra fast in the freezing cold outside”. Specifically after we’d had a few bad nights where the illegally placed gutter of the neighbours only a few meters away from our window kept us awake, as it was pouring buckets of rain.
This night, my man had a painful belly (IBS) which resulted in him being a bit panicky as well, as this would often result in a weird heartbeat rhythm that could last up to a whole night and sometimes a day as well.
After drinking a lot of water, not only I but my man too had to use the bathroom for a number 2. After I realised that the car windows were frozen and needed unfreezing, I got a bit more panicky for my man to use the bathroom as well, as he would normally do this later on the day and this wouldn’t affect the time we had left to walk. My man got nervous because of me and did his number 2 in a rush and this resulted in “an accident” which needed cleaning..
After unfreezing the car and driving about 50 metres, we noticed we had to get new fuel. This rarely happens, as we only drive a few km on Saturday and Sunday only just to make it outside the city for our walks. So why today….?!
After driving to our usual tankstation, paying for gas didn’t seem to work. We always do this with our phone at an unmanned station. It turned out my man’s bank was completely empty, so I had to transfer the few euros that I had still left to his account. This added to my stress of not making it all in time…
And then the rozzers emerged after driving for 5 min. As you may understand by now, our car doesn’t have its MOT or an insurance. We get very quiet whenever that happens and it’s like we’re getting ill in only a few seconds of time: our limbs go really weak and it’s like we’re in dire need of a liquid number 2. Thankfully the rozzers just did their thing and drove passed us.
Upon arriving at our destination, we noticed that going for a fast run wasn’t an option. It had been raining buckets and both frozen slippery puddles and mud puddles would alternate each other.
And then my liquid number 2 emerged along the way. I always have to do more number 2’s when I’m having my period. I think there simply isn’t enough space for fecal matter in my belly whenever my female reproductive organs are doing their period thing. But I had also recently found a pattern between doing an extra number 2 and a migraine attack. So you can imagine that it made me even more anxious for both not making it home in time and possibly getting an attack..
The attack never came, thankfully!! So it was merely a nervous poo. And there were surprisingly few people outside as well, so the walks themselves went better than they normally would. It does require walking as fast a we can, though, which feels quite unfair especially now that the days are getting longer and “nature” wakes up earlier: we simply can’t slow down and enjoy.
Upon arriving at mom’s house, we saw our neighbour stuffing his car at barely 8AM. He went inside and that gave us space to run to the front door and get inside. I grabbed my phone to see if the neighbour had sent me an email – which he had. They were going to move to their new house in the south of my small country (mind you, this is most likely only about 50K away from here) and there would be friends helping them today from 9:30 to 17:30.
After we did our thing and were back in my childhood bedroom, we noticed that there were people moving into the empty apartment right behind mum’s garden. Four people at least moving their stuff off and on from downstairs to upstairs into their new room and nextdoor there were at least 7 people emptying the neighbours’ house and putting it in a truck. This involved not only banging noises, but smells as well caused by sigaret smoke and perfumes, that would enter mum’s house through literally every door and window.
A few hours later the grocery store delivery truck came delivering our groceries. Quite a commodity for me every time, as I’m the one who’s got to come up with what’s for dinner for several weeks and checking the pantry to see what we need and compare all the deals at different kinds of grocerie stores. What are the odds for it to come exactly on an already chaotic day. This meant my man would have to open the door to the delivery guy when it was going to be very crowded right behind the door. Keep in mind that we haven’t been amongst humans for the last 20+ months, so having so much humans this nearby felt like being amongst them, without being able to escape.
Meanwhile upstairs, on this very day, our favourite YouTubers started talking to me both below their post and in a private message to me on Instagram. I was struck dumb and it took me a LOT of effort to come up with far too many words and sentences. So it got long-winded and it felt like a lost chance, I mean, I doubt they will read everything or even take me seriously….
When my man proceeded to pay, the paying device crashed and had to be restarted. Once again on this very day, yes, with all those noisy, smelly people outside who also happened to be really nearby instead of spreaded out through the entire house next door.
A mistake occured whilst ordering the groceries the day before. Their website forgot to delete newly added groceries to my already existing order after I had added them to our original order. We didn’t notice this and it seemed like their website didn’t put the new groceries with our existing order AT ALL so we tried it several times. This resulted in us receiving those specific products not once, not twice, but three times. And we ordered some of those products already multiple times, so we got 9 pots of baked beans for instance.
Now that my man had put the groceries inside, it was my time to shine. It’s my task to magically store all those hundreds of groceries in a very small fridge and freezer. Because how else? There’s no alternative, I already have to ask both my mother and grandmother (83) for groceries every week from their grocery stores and they simply could never carry more than a few products only. So this time I had to store even more – the grocery store wouldn’t take the excess groceries back as they would literally throw it all away….!!
Mind you: this was the only day the sun was out. I could’ve really used those few hours that mum was away to spend that time in the garden and just recharge myself…
And when it all got too much hours ago already, I still had to cook a meal for everyone in my childhood bedroom with no facilities, on an increasingly collapsing desk.
Next I had to arrange with mother that she would ask her boyfriend to take the few deep frozen products I had ordered for grandma to her, as, well, there was no chance they’d fit in mum’s freezer. I think all three of them don’t like arranging this with each other, so it feels like an unfairly large burden on my shoulders.
The following days promised us not only rain, but wind as well. The next morning the usual drill happened where I got scared beforehand of a possible migraine attack (didn’t happen) and “the runs” (did happen) etc, but then as if it all wasn’t enough, I got a bloody nose…! Never have them. But guess what: my man got one as well later back at mum’s house. What do you expect otherwise in this very polluted city that makes us addicted to a nasal spray……
And now we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the upcoming weeks where our new neighbours will be moving in next door….

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