Why we’re both growing our beards

“It’s longer than yours, isn’t it?” I pull the hairs of my beard together and do the same with my man’s beard. This confirms that my beard is definitely longer than his. I chuckle and feel proud. I must be one of very, very few women who is genuinely proud of their body hair and then mostly of their face furniture, because let’s face it: what female body is capable of growing a proper goatee..? And if a female body IS capable, would said female ever give their beard a chance to flourish…?

Women have been indoctrinated through media. Every day, in every possible way, we’re being convinced by men that having body hair is not done. It’s gross, and we would need hundreds of products to have our hair removed. But it’s NOT gross on men somehow…? Think about it, why, some day not too long ago in human history, somebody (most likely a man) decided that women can’t have body hair anymore, because…. it’s not feminine even though we’ve always had body hair as well…? So it seems that people try to find ways to make money of others and women were the right target for these men when it comes to appearance. Somehow throughout history it’s been mostly men who have ruled and who were given more opposities and freedom than us women. I’ve always wondered if their IQ is slightly higher than women’s, only because we weren’t allowed to study until last century and because we were being used as baby making machines and nanny’s and cooks and cleaners. But as soon as we were given the opportunity, it was women who discovered and invented brilliant things: Dr. Shirley Jackson (telecommunications sources), Marie Curie (theory of radioactivity), Nancy Johnson (the ice cream maker), Maria Telkes (first solar powered house), Ann Tsukamoto (stem cell isolation), Grace Hopper (programmer), Elizabeth Magie (Monopoly), Rosalind Franklin (finding of the DNA double helix), Maria Beasley (life raft), Stephanie Kwolek (Kevlar, which is a durable synthetic fabric) and the list goes on. It’s similar to how the white folks on this planet think they’re somehow more entitled to life than black folks. A lot of things are even based on white males only, like the BMI calculator. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve become a bit distracted. My point is: wear your body hair with pride, or not: wear it because it’s there, just like your other features that you’re not necessarily proud of. Even though you have every right, because look at what your body is doing for YOU! Imagine a man one day pretending women shouldn’t have their pinky toe or their finger nails…!

You do YOU for you only!

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