Normalize not marrying and not having kids

As I watch our neighbor’s young son play with his go-cart (costing a few hundred euros…?) that was given to him by his grandparents for his third (!) birthday yesterday, it’s, once again, become very clear to me I would never want to put any more humans on this planet.

I talked to an acquaintance online the other day after he shared a picture of his 12 year old son drawing at the kitchen table. He couldn’t believe what he saw, as his son would usually stare towards the screen of his phone most of the day. I asked him if it would be possible today to raise children without a phone and other electronics, until the day they can pay for it themselves and then even giving them a specific amount of screen time and restrictions. He answered: “Nope, impossible”. He added: “Everything is being done with the use of a phone or a laptop. Schedules, communication with the tutor, the class and homework.” I knew in the back of my head that this was exactly what he was going to answer. “Reason enough for me to not have children” I answered. He then said he wasn’t too bothered by it.
Since my man and I live very minimalistic, an almost back to basic life where we are happy with good food and being outdoors all day enjoying very simple things with minimal screen time, having to raise our own flesh and blood to become exactly the opposite of who we are, is simply not an option.
I think most people aren’t too bothered by that fact, I mean, look around you: pretty much everyone seems to either have a baby or are pregnant. That raises so many questions. Not only am I wondering why no one’s too bothered by it (or maybe it’s a convenience..? So that BOTH parents can work their assess off, full-time without their child demanding proper attention..?), but also: Why, when you know the climate crisis is a FACT, would you want to raise your children in a world where food and enough water isn’t a promise? Why, in a world that’s proven that governments don’t care about us – at all? Has it ever occurred to you that, as soon as your child’s born, they are immediately owned by the government (I mean, hello social “security” number) and all YOU are allowed to do (and teachers!) is preparing the child to function as well as they can in this society when they’re grown up? With the very only purpose to make this very same government even more powerful and rich..? Leaving your child with just enough money to…survive and continue working their asses off and without questioning what the fuck they’re even doing.
We will never be a part of that plan, at least not in THIS world.
Good thing, though, that we LOVE not having to be responsible and worry constantly for someone for literally the rest of our lives. We love our freedom and flexibilty and we love each other and our fur babies enough and don’t feel Neanderhtalic with an urge to duplicate ourselves.

We are enough.

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