A little accident

We were walking downtown at 6 o’clock on a Sunday, where it’s usually very busy during the day. However, a runner or cyclist (can’t remember at this point anymore), came towards us and we had to flee to the street that was parallel to ours. Thinking this was a more quiet street, we soon learned this wasn’t the case. We started running, looking for another street to enter. Then we got scared of a nerdy student couple that was cycling towards us and we failed with paying attention to our Fannar. He was having belly ache and would only listen to us after calling his came multiple times.

A woman on a scooter coming from behind us who seemed to have just learned riding the thing, started braking even though she was still quite a few meters away from Fannar (there was still time to slow down and to simply ride around Fannar, that’s why I thought this woman had only just learned riding), who, on his turn, was already almost back on the sidewalk with us and she fell on the ground, almost in slowmotion. Her mirror broke and cut through her trousers.
We already imagined the rozzers coming for us.
The nerdy student couple hastily came back cycling towards us. You could almost smell their pride. He grabbed the phone of the scooter woman and started calling with her boss, in a very annoying way, even though the woman was about to call with her boss herself! They looked towards us, disdainfully, because we still kept our distance and, well, appeared to be different than what’s socially accepted. The scooter woman was very happy that our Fannar wasn’t hurt in the accident, but the nerdy man’s reply was that he had preferred that nothing happened to HER……
We kept offering our personal details (but… was it even our fault…?), so that we could leave te scene. We preffered fleeing over anything (you know, being this close to humans when we walk THIS early to avoid ANY contact, NOT because of a possible fine), but we knew there’s rozzers permanently parked close to this national monument nearby and then they would start scouting for us, thinking we’re fleeing a crime scene…
And then the rozzers DID come after all. The nerdy boy started acting very kinky with his law school study. He would almost demand for the rozzers to give us multiple (!) fines, even though NOTHING was about him and the scooter woman acted much more normal and friendlier. The boy was even almost forcing the scooter woman to have our personal details, when the woman would shrug her shoulders, as if it was no biggie to her. Even the rozzers got annoyed and told the nerdy boy an ID isn’t necessary (we didnt bring any, I mean, who would) when she’s capable of finding our details online AND we’re living in this very city.
No fines for Fannar, who was off his leash, regardless of whether he had caused the accident or not.

My biggest problem with all of this was the fact that those students had been drinking all night long (he told the others “good night” and “good evening”?!) and then the next morning they’re owning the whole fucking city whilst riding home!! When can WE be outside in peace…?

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