Frequently asked questions that literally no one asked but should

How long have you been inside your mother’s house without LITERALLY leaving her doorstep?
Almost 8 months. I have done a NIGHTLY walk now and then. Getting up before 5 AM got the hold of me, though, so I rarely do them anymore.

Did your tent survive the storms?
No it hasn’t!!! We’re now LITERALLY prisoners, CONSTANTLY inside on a matress next to each other ALLLL day long, every week of every month.

Why can’t you go outside during the day?
We live in a big city, which means there’s a person about every few yards. We used to go walking in the woods in the morning where we would bump into maybe 5 people in those 2-3 hours, even tho it’s become busier due to covid. In my city this would mean seeing 5 people every minute or so. We don’t like being around smelly people, especially not after how often they’ve disappointed us and been unfair, as you may have read in my older blogs.

So you don’t get any fresh air or get to move your body?
My mother has a garden which is more like a patio. It’s very stoney and there’s a large appartement only a few yards behind it, so we never have any privacy whatsoever. Also, this district is in between THREE motorways. No fresh air to be found.
Moving our bodies was one of the most important things in my life. We walked 10K every day in the woods and I couldn’t wait until we would live close to nature and start proper running or cycling.

So why have you stopped walking in the woods?
Last June the most horrible thing imaginable happened to us. I can’t imagine going through something worse, even my own death would have been better. This was the last huge droplet that filled our already overflowing bucket.

Why was it the last droplet?
We already enjoyed being outside less and less every day. Like I said before, the woods and all of nature became busier due to covid. Somehow people decided that they had to bring their perfume and laundry detergent smelly noisy faces into nature now that they couldn’t go to stores and restaurants. There would also be people who had corona-dogs, which means dogs who were adopted/bought too sudden by people who don’t know how to raise them well. “He doesn’t do anything”! they would yell to us when we would flee into the bushes, whilst their dog WAS doing something: they would come to us, which meant their owner had to come close to us as well. That’s why we fled. They literally started owning all of the little nature that’s left which they decided to destroy with their unsustainable, unnecessary lifestyles by eating and using animal products, flying, buying things they don’t need etc.

You’re 34 and 37, why are you still living at your mum’s?
We aren’t accepted in rental houses because they don’t trust people who don’t work. They assume we’re gonna be annoying in tha hood, especially since we’re different and they assume we’re not gonna pay the rent cos of our low incomes, even though I’ve shown them renting is cheaper than living at mum’s.
Also, we had an old house on wheels. We bought it so that we could finally live on our own, away from my depressed mum and my brother who would game and call with friends, like, constantly. They literally drove us into buying an old camper with money we didn’t have. It was either that or becoming homeless or even worse.

What happened to your house on wheels?
The government took it after someone decided they were bothered by our camper, wherever we would park it throughout the whole of my district. Can you imagine that there’s someone who’s only life purpose is to call whenever he sees something that’s against the law? Also, it wouldn’t have been against the law if he didn’t pretend he was bothered by our camper. We are used to getting bullied, this was definitely personal.
So the wannabe rozzers said we can’t have a camper, since we don’t work and because we would still have an old car as well. People who do work especially if it was their only vehicle, can have one, even though the rule says campers and larger vehicles can’t be parked on the same spot for longer than 3 days when it’s obstructing someone’s view. The whole of my city CAN have a camper for unnecessary reasons, parked in front of houses, but we can’t have one, parked either in front of our own house or on bigger parking lots many yards away from a window, even when it’s mandatory for us. The idea was to make it our home, to live in it forever. But thanks to not having money we bought a camper that needed much repairing. We couldn’t afford it the first year we had the camper, so this resulted in my man repairing it every single night. Literally.

So they made up rules for you specifically?
So it appears. And they would threaten to sell or destroy our house on wheels if we didn’t do anything about our depts (depts that we mostly got because of them!!). For the Dutch speaking people: you can read about this in a few blogs before this one!

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