Why I want to become a lifestyle coach

This was quite a surprise to those who know me. Well, before they heard the reason I want to start studying to becoming a coach, that is. Me working with actual humans… the race I would rather not have on this planet, as we’re the only animals on this planet that add absolutely NOTHING to keep nature healthy, in fact, we’re the one and only animal to properly destroy everything.


We would also be the only ones capable of making everything better now that we’ve destroyed most. Humans can either break it or…

.…make it. And that’s where I come. Technically, that’s where we ALL come, but I will be your guide.

You see, if us humans would live the way we’re supposed to live, this wouldn’t only make our minds and bodies happy, but it would also be the most sustainable for our planet. We would take and eat and use only that what we truly need. On this day, the average human uses about THREE planets (in the USA this is at least FOUR planets!!) instead of only ONE. Guess what: there’s only one planet, so we’re taking more than the earth can sustain for both current and future generations. We’re exchausting the planet and its resources. This disrubts our ecosystem tremendously and without a steady ecosystem, there can’t be much life… The climate crisis touches everything. But in truth, there isn’t just one climate crisis, there are many overlapping crises, all driven by our reliance on fossil fuels and our greed. The climate crisis is a justice crisis, a migration crisis, an economic crisis and a biodiversity crisis.
My goal is teaching people how to live their lives to the fullest whilst saving their own and the lives of many. Scientists believe we’re entering a sixth great extinction. But the solutions to the climate crisis will also solve this biodiversity crisis too. Humans are driving other species to extinction at a very fast rate, in what scientists are saying may be the sixth great extinction. While other mass extinctions were the result of natural phenomena like asteroids or volcanoes, this is the first to be attributed to a specific living creature: us humans. According to a recent UN report, biodiversity is decreasing potentially hundreds of times faster than the average rate over the past 10 million years and more than 25% of living species on earth today are either facing extinction now or at risk of facing extinction in the near future. That’s one in four species.. Diversity in natural life on earth is decreasing. Fast. And that’s a big problem for all of us.
As National Geographic explained: “These species are all tied to intricate webs of life serving purposes beyond their mere existence. The ecosystem services provided by diverse species are crucial to the survival of life within their spheres of influence, especially our own survival.”
So yes, it’s a huge crisis. And to solve it, we need to look at what’s driving it, which is our greed. It’s driven by taking way more than we truly need. We eat as if food isn’t a necessity, as if food exists in abundance and doesn’t need growing. We prefer feeding 70 billion cows, pigs, sheep and chickens instead of all 8 billion humans. We go on a fuel consuming plane to escape our real working lives that we hate, but what if your everyday life could be so good that you don’t need any more holidays….? What if you could live your dream?
By eating a lot of food that’s intented for you, moving your body properly and catching some quality z’s, you will not only become your best you, but you will discover that enough IS enough and you will become the happiest you can be in a world that, in the end, WILL have enough for each and everyone. Minimalism and simplicity are THE answers to a happy and healthy planet. Who wouldn’t want a peaceful mind? Who wouldn’t want a body that contains little to no extra’s when it comes to weight and diseases?

Who wouldn’t want to live happily ever after on a planet that has no crisis and has got everything to offer for…everyone? That’s a win-win-win-win situation!

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