My first client: mother

I was told in order to become the person I want to be, I have to be her now already. This way, I can be in that kind of energy and I really keep on working on my goal. So here’s me pretending to be a lifestyle coach already.
Did you know that because of my mother I’ve developed an interest for living a healthy life? Well now you do! She’s the main reason. Other reasons are the fact that there are two pandemics: obesity and hunger. Yes, for most people there’s seemingly way too much food and for others there simply isn’t any. So when most people would claim there isn’t enough food on this planet to feed everyone, I’m here to prove otherwise: there is an ABUNDANCE of food for every single one of us, but us Westerners prefer to overeat, waste two thirds of it and feed 70 billion lifestock animals instead of all 8 billion humans.
Another reason is the fact that a lot of people in the Western world are afraid of food, afraid to feed their bodies and minds. I can’t blame them: look at what there’s being advertised everywhere. You would need to lose weight using this and that, you don’t fit your clothes rather than them not fitting you, you are worth more when the number on your scale is low and a high number on your scale would equal you being ugly.
The last reason was me being a reasonably unhealthy vegan for 7 years prior to the last 2 years where I’m trying to be a very healthy vegan. Veganism doesn’t equal healthy even though eating unhealthy plantbased is always healthier than eating “healthy” animal products.
I had read a lot about how a plantbased diet can really work miracles, as they’ve cured quite a few people with lifestyle diseases, including those who had IBS. So technically eating healthy should be normal, but somehow it isn’t for us humans, because a lot of money can be made by the big pharma by keeping people ill and then telling them it’s chronical and they would need drugs for the rest of their lives…..
Humans are the only animals with lifestyle diseases and the only ones with mental health issues, so we must be doing things that are against our nature. Which we do. We don’t eat and move and live accordingly. We’ve got to work hard to EARN a “living” – I would call it surviving. Other animals simply live. Take just enough what they need and live their best life. So should we.
Since I was raised by mother, I knew even less about food than most people. Until a few years after I met my boyfriend, we would eat the same things ever day: bruschetta in the morning with a piece of fruit, soup at around 11, a few slices of bread for lunch, coffee with biscuit at around 3PM and for dinner overcooked veggies and potatoes with an occasional meat substitute. If you had asked me if I lived healthily, I would have believed so, since, well, I had been eating vegetarian and vegan and ate vegetables every day. However, I started developing an interesting into becoming the best version of me, which also includes a healthy body and mind. I had been using anti anxiety drugs for quite a few years. I never really wanted to take them, but mum somehow convinced me back then that I had to take them in order to keep receiving my social income (which, of course, doesn’t make sense at all). My boyfriend took the same kind of medication. It didn’t feel like it was the answer to living a happy, healthy life and that’s when I started to learn about diet and exercise.
Mother has had severe anorexia nervosa. Doctors didn’t think she would survive, but here she is.
Due to her never feeding her body properly for many years, she now has severe IBS. IBS is a condition where you have very sensitive bowels that either move too little or too much. Your gutts need to be kept active, they need a lot of food every day to function well. They also need a diverse diet and mum hardly ate anything and what she ate were the same things every time, so her body lacked a lot of nutritions. This would also cause her to feel depressed, since 70 percent of how you feel is being decided in your gutts. Yup. The pharma industry, however, values money over people’s health, so they bribe doctors into prescribing as many drugs as possible, rather than teaching doctors how to REALLY cure people: with a good diet and exercise (read: if you had already lived healthily, there wouldn’t have been any lifestyle disease that needed be cured). But no more sick patients means no money, so…
Mum’s in pain almost constantly. She’s had an operation back in 2010 when her bowels had become so twisted, she constipated. She’s had her bowels sown to her abdominal wall on a few places, so that they wouldn’t be able to twitch again. However, it never really helped her getting rid of her pain.
Over the last couple of months mum has been visiting the hospital regularly. She was done with being in pain almost all the time. I’ve been interested in diet and exercise for over two years now, so I already doubted that doctors were gonna be able to treat her.
Mum smokes, drinks coffee, drinks alcohol occasionally, never exercises, uses quite a lot of drugs in my opinion and doesn’t eat enough and that what she consumes, is mostly insignificant to her body and mind. I looked up the drugs she takes for her to fall asleep more easily. Guess what: it numbs your body. It makes you relaxed. Everything, including…..your gutts! Like I said before, your gutts need to be active all day long, so in combination with not eating enough, it means mum’s gutts are having way too little work to do and I surely don’t need to explain that her other bad habits aren’t beneficial either….
When it comes to food mum’s been eating 99 percent vegan for a few years now. However, she ate a liter of cow’s yogurt prior to these last years, so that’s been very damaging to her gutts. I don’t think until this very day she hasn’t been eating enough once since I was very young and even though most people overeat, they still lack many nutritions. In mum’s case, though, she simply eats way too little, even today.

I will now show you what I eat on a day followed by what mum eats on a day.

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