For exactly 16 months now….

Every second has been pretty much the same as that second the day before and the day before that day and so on since June 2021.

We’re getting up at the same times, either 4:15 am or 7 am,
When getting up early, we eat bananas and dates immediately and a liter of water or tea, followed by a walk. After walking we eat half a kilo of yogurt with fruit.
When getting up later (most of the days – until a few months ago we would walk moreoften), drinking a liter of water or tea at arout 8 am after M has “walked” Fannar, followed by a large smoothie.
9:30 mum walks her dogs and we clean both ourselves and get a few things from downstairs.
10:15 mother returns and at 11:30 I make more cups of teas, spend a bit of time “outside” in the paved garden playing with Fannar and get food for later and stuff to cook dinner.
11:30 back in my childhood bedroom. I either cook for dinner, bake, write, create YouTube videos (not anymore sadly) or get bored. Before last spring we would just sit in our tent, waiting…
13:30 mother leaves to visit grandmother and sometimes goes for grocery shopping. I refill our water bottles, put the dishes onto kitchen paper in mother’s kitchen for M to wash them, clean our heavily damaged desk for as far as this is still possible, bring the trash downstairs to throw them into the recycling bins and get the food we need for dinner if I hadn’t already cooked.
15:30 mother returns and we spend the next 4 hours in my childhood bedroom doing nothing or cooking etc. Mind you, M often tries finding some kind of way to make money on his old laptop that he used to need when he worked for a few years.
19:15 mother leaves to be with her boyfriend and M “walks” Fannar. I refill the water bottles, bring the trash downstairs once more, get a few things already for breakfast, make many cups of tea, bring quite a few things to our tent and then make ourselves ready to go to bed there.

Oh wait, I don’t want to be so “negative”, let’s be cynicicle instead. There have been a few exceptions where the noise and smells would alternate between:
Strawberry driver dude from the south using his microphone thing early on the day
Multiple and different kinds of sirenes
Multiple rozzer/popo choppers
People calling outside their houses in the flat
Trucks driving in reverse with that anything beeping sound
Hearing either one of the motorways OR the railways
Mother talking to her dogs, making a phone call, whistle, laughing hysterically, using the bin many many times, walking fast and shuffle her slippers with every step she takes etc
Neighbors working at home, so the woman is often on their large, empty attack making phonecalls or skyping
Neighbours smoking every so often and their cigarette smoke is often filling up our tent or mum’s entire house
Electricle saw of some sort.
Leafblowers as soon as the first leaf in autumn hits te ground
Different kinds of lawn mower machines
Running children either outside or at the neighbors
Compulsive coughing and clearing throats at specific appartement in the flat
Multiple crying newborns
Key ring sounds of people using their front door
An unhappy 9-5 office boy gaming and shooting and laughing and shouting hysterically.

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